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Weird Harvest moon the night before we left!

Day 1 – Finally getting on the road!

October 28th, 2015

 Pulled up stakes from Hatfield, PA where we have been parked since July 2014. This has been the day we have been looking forward to now since our countdown 10 years ago.  I remember saying we only have 120 months until we are on the road!  Let me tell you from that day forward, everything we planned in our life and all the decisions we made was to bring us to this day.  After all that, things did not exactly turn out the way we planned, but that is all part of it in my opinion.  As a matter of fact, if they did, I would have been somewhat disappointed.

Our plan was Colleen was going to go to BSF (Bible Study Foundations) in Bethlehem, PA and then meet me in Manheim, PA where we were to pick up our new Tow Master Car Dolly (See Reviews).  I took a half a day off starting at 1pm from work and wanted to get a couple things done on my way out there before meeting up at the trailer pickup.  Our plan was after walking through all the basics about the car dolly, making sure everything is hooked up, load our 2013 Hyundai Santé Fe (See reviews) and head to the on campus campground at Slippery Rock, PA.

Well, what really happened was a bit different. The night before, we were to meet some friends (Sharon, Joe, Joan, Al, Shannon, and Mike) at Assunte’s Resturant in Northampton , PA.  Long story short, there was an accident involving a Lehigh School bus with the University rowing team in flipped on route 22 and a car, which caused major traffic everywhere.  So, we ended up getting to dinner until about 7:30.  We had a great time with everyone!  Lots of stories and laughs as always.  Love you guys!  As a result, by the time we got home, we calculated everything left to do before we could leave and unfortunately, Colleen realized that she would have to skip her BSF class and handle a few things you really need to wait until the last minute to do in the morning before we can leave, while I worked until 1pm.

The day we left, we woke up to a complete downpour from remnants of hurricane Patricia making her way up the northeast. It was to rain hard all day and night and it lived up to the forecast.  My perspective was it rained on the day of our wedding and that turned out pretty good, maybe it is supposed to rain every day we turn to a new chapter of our life. Anyway, the time finally arrived though that we can leave.

We were so excited! We have had almost countless number of blessings to be excited about in life, but we set a goal 10 years ago (Started a countdown at 120 months) and we have been preparing ever since.  Well it has finally arrived and now we are off.

RV 502

Our first leg of our trip is to go from Hatfield, PA to Daytona Beach, Florida is where we will spend our thanksgiving with our son Brandon and hopefully some good friends who just moved down to the Jacksonville area.  Brandon is 23 and has been in Daytona for a little less than a year.

Whenever I ever drove to Florida my entire life, I have always either drove straight through or stopped for one night at a hotel. Colleen and I decided knowing we have almost a month to get to Daytona Beach, so we were going to enjoy our trip down by visiting friends on the way and visiting multiple cities to start experiencing the country.  After all, this is what the Full time RV lifestyle is all about!

We broke the trip into 5 segments. So far we have done two segments, Hatfield to see friends and Colleen’s brother Todd and our niece Jenny in Western PA and then to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Weather was bad going to Lancaster