PA tot FLA

Our general route from Hatfield to Daytona Beach

My whole life, whenever I drove to Florida, it was always lets get there as fast as we can!      Not this time

Some of the trips I remember are:

  • Trips with my parents when I was young to go see my Grandparents in Winter Haven, we either flew or drove in the Country Squire station wagon (Everyone’s parents had a station wagon, come on – admit it 🙂 ) Country Squire
  • A trip with my cousin Duke, we made it from Slippery Rock, PA to Daytona beach in 14 hours to go surprise my buddy Joe at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  I think we may have deserved a ticket or two in my ’69 Cuda, as a matter of fact, the exhaust pipe blew off on the way home to Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.  You could have heard that car roaring up Route 95 from 10 miles away! cuda
  • Another was a classic Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break trip from Slippery Rock State College (back then, now Slippery Rock University: SRU ) to Maryland to my buddy’s house where we all (Tim, Barry, Jody, Lynn, me) piled into Barry’s Volkwagon Van.  No registration (well one we made up), no heat (except the sterno cans we used like a campfire), a keg and lots of blankets and the bed in the back… Need I say more?  Let’s just say the trip there and the trip back were equally exciting.  You will need to buy me a drink to find out more about that trip. 🙂 Van
  • There are at least 8-10 other trips that I can remember, but everyone of them was a marathon trip to get there.

THIS TIME, we are taking our time getting down there.  We are taking 22 days to get to Florida!  Spend a few days here and week there, then a couple of days over there.  If we feel like someplace is not where we want to be, we move on.  We are stopping along the way to see friends and just enjoy their company.  We are also going to take in the beauty this great country has to offer all along the way.  God Bless America!

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