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Waking up to a beautiful fall day in Lancaster with no rain in the forecast!  The plan was to work that morning and pick up our Tow Master Car Dolly during lunchtime.  We plugged in the address into our GPS and it brought us through God’s country which is an absolutely gorgeous area in Manheim.  You would be tempted to just pull over and take in all of it’s beauty, that is if you’re not on your lunch break!   To make matters a bit worse, when we arrived at the location, I expected to see a dealer lot full of Tow Dollies and maybe even some trucks and other things for sale. This is what we saw 🙂

RV 514

Nice!  So, I decided to check this out and call the dealer who I have been in contact with and was very informative along the process.  He tells me I am in fact in the right place and tells me he will be over in about 15 minutes, just hang out by the garage.  OK, here is the garage 😐

RV 516

I still did not see any Tow Dollies, so I decided to look around.  Colleen and I walked over to the next field behind a set of trees and this is what I saw 🙂

RV 515

There had to be 50 Tow Dollies, which made me happy because I had a chance to actually leave here with my car on a tow dolly!

So, we purchased the tow dolly with electric brakes and I added a spare tire.  We had to purchase a converter plug for the electric at a store which he told us was a Mennonite hardware store about 10 miles away.  I had to be on a conference call while we went to the hardware store which ended up working out because the store ended up being 20 miles away, so it took almost an hour.

Tow DollyRV 519

So, we are ready to now hook up the trailer and put the car on the trailer, but the area in front of the garage is not big enough to load the car onto the dolly.  Also as we are loading the car, I explained to him that I do not have an electric brake controller in my RV and asked him if this is a problem.  He looked at the setup under the dash and told me I would be ok and everything will work fine.  So we went to a nearby park, again absolutely beautiful!  Loaded the car and finally we were ready to go!  (For the extended story on this one, I will need a 4 pack of Guinness 🙂 )

RV 523 RV 522

OR SO WE THOUGHT…We didn’t even get to the turnpike when the trailer brakes started locking up every time I even touched the brakes.  I know what your saying, just turnaround and take it back.  Nope, I decided I was going to call the Master Tow manufacturer before returning to the dealer in the woods who already misled me once.  I am glad I did, the manufacturer was extremely helpful and explained I absolutely needed a brake controller to properly send the correct voltage to the trailers brakes.  Right now, it is sending maximum voltage (12 volts) every time I hit the pedal.  He assured me that there was nothing wrong with the trailer, just need a $50 brake controller.  So, all I had to do is disconnect the electric to the trailer and everything would be fine, just will use the RV brakes and not the trailer brakes until resolved.  Fair enough, problem solved, disaster averted!

At that point I was able to take the remaining calls I had along the way as we drove down the PA turnpike.

Our destination was to get to Slippery Rock University, which is where Colleen and I met (again more info will cost another drink), where on campus they have a cool little secret campground tucked away at the bottom of a ski slope.  If you are ever interested, call the student union to make reservations (It only has 110 electric available). We pulled in about 10pm after driving 277 miles.

I told you this was a secret campground, so much so, I was the only RV in the campground that night!

RV 524

I worked from the RV the next day and this was my view (I will be showing you a view from my desk each time it changes). While I worked, Colleen and Evelyn went to Pittsburgh shopping and then to hang out with their friend Kim.  Hi Kim!

RV 527 RV 525

The intent for us coming to Western PA was to visit friends and family for the weekend.  After work that day, I was able to drive to get the brake controller installed by Hufnagel’s Repair Center outside of New Castle. PA which is owned by Colleen’s cousin.  Then I made my way to Evelyn and Marc’s house who always have been great hosts and Evelyn’s a great cook too!  Evelyn and Marc hosted a Halloween party which was an absolute great time with all the folks from the neighborhood.  To protect the guilty I will not mention any names or post pictures, which I have plenty…hehehe.  Dave and Taryn were very generous and opened up their driveway for our RV and we are so thankful for that!  Thank you Minions!  Had a great time with you all.

RV 530 RV 534

Some pictures of party setup that afternoon:

RV 548 RV 547 RV 546 RV 545 RV 544 RV 543 RV 542 RV 541 RV 540

And some decorations

RV 610 RV 609

The weekend also included the worst weekend in a very long time for me from a sports perspective.  For those who do not know, I am a New York Giants and a New York Mets fan.  This weekend included heartbreaking losses all weekend long.  Mets lose both Saturday and Sunday in extra innings to lose the world series to the KC Royals who I have to say looked great! On top of that, the Giants lose to the Saints – 52-49 in overtime…WOW! That was a terrible sports weekend, anyway glad I do not gamble 🙂

On Monday evening after work, we left as planned to head off to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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