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Our first day of driving started off like the weather, somewhat ugly. Right out of the gate there were two things I found while preparing to leave that had to be dealt with before we went too far:

  1. Two tires were low on air
  2. Our step to our main entrance decided to stop functioning properly and was stuck in the out position

To address the step, I went to Fretz RV center in Souderton where, as expected, they had no one they can provide last minute to help.  After explaining my predicament, they told me one of the mechanics was about to go home for the day and it was up to me to convince him to help me in the pouring rain.  Luckily, I was able to work it out with him and while he could not fix the problem, he was able to collapse the step to be tucked under the camper as it should be as we travel. One problem down, one to go.  Unfortunately, the next hurdle was a bit more challenging, the air pressure in two tires were about 20 lbs. under specification with a full load.  Oak Grove RV, where we have lived for the past year making sure this full time RV living was something Colleen and I both would enjoy, allowed me to utilize their air pump.  I did not have the truck tire type air nossle to reach the two tire valve stems on both outer tires of my dualies. I took it to a truck stop which was conveniently right next to Fretz’s, however again the service manager could not afford to take anyone off what they were doing to help me fill the tires, unless “of course” I wanted to pay for 30 minutes labor which would be $60.  I thought that was nuts!

I decided that I would go purchase valve stem extenders and see if I could put them on and fill the tires myself. Unfortunately, I could not tighten them down properly without taking the wheel covers off which I did not have the correct tools to do for these truck tires.  Sooo, back to the truck stop and surprisingly the service manager had a case of guilt for sending me away, he said he felt like a heel and decided he would not only fill my tires for no charge, but he would put the extenders on too for free.  After tipping the guy for helping me, I was finally able to get on the highway! (Soaked but happy)

Well, that ordeal took me until 5pm to resolve. I had two hours to drive to Lancaster to pickup the Tow Dolly, so I called the dealer and told him I would not be there until tomorrow.  We found a campground in Lancaster, Country Acres Family Campground that would allow us to come in after hours.

It was raining the entire way there.  Some pics might help.  We did not end up pulling into the campground until 7pm after going only about 90 miles.

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