December 13th, 2015 – December 20th, 2015



Our second adventure is to leave Ormond Beach, Florida and get to Los Angeles, California for Christmas to be with our youngest son Kyle who moved to the LA area in March 2015. Another  reason to go to the LA area is Colleen’s brother Scott lives there and we will be able to spend lots of time with Scott and his partner Chuck. Colleen has done lots of research and has developed quite the list of things to see and do while we are in California. We originally intended to stay in California until the end of March, however for various reasons, we ended up leaving on our third trip on February 26th, 2016.

It started out with an amazing, exciting surprise right from the start, Brandon told us he was coming with us to California and can stay until around New Years!

Colleen and I love spending time with both our boys! This is going to allow us to spend Christmas with all four of us while we are on the road, now that is special!

We wanted to get to the LA area by December 22nd because of pre-Christmas things that needed to happen. Knowing this was a short time frame and considering I needed to work each day, I could not start driving until around 5pm (Eastern time).  We knew this would need to be done with many hours of night driving.

Also, in planning this trip we knew we wanted to spend a couple of days in Mesa, Arizona;. to see some special people in our lives that live there.

We would head out after work and I would drive between 5-9 hours/night and then pull over for the night, sometimes a campground, sometimes just a Walmart parking lot.


  • Day 1 (Sunday, 12/13) – Ormond Beach, Florida to Baton Rouge, Louisiana – 670 Miles (14 hours)
  • Day 2 (Monday, 12/14) – Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Sealy, Texas – 320 Miles (7 hours)
  • Day 3 (Tuesday, 12/15) – Sealy, Texas to Ozona, Texas – 344 Miles (8.5 hours)
  • Day 4 (Wednesday, 12/16) – Ozona, Texas to Sierra Blanca, Texas – 350 Miles (5.5 hours)
  • Day 5 (Thursday, 12/17) – Sierra Blanca, Texas to Wilcox, Arizona – 322 Miles (7 hours)
  • Day 6 (Friday,12/18) – Wilcox, Arizona to Mesa, Arizona – 196 Miles (4 hours)
  • Day 7 (Saturday, 12/19) – Stayed in Mesa
  • Day 8 (Sunday, 12/20) – Mesa, Arizona to Van Nuys, California – 412 Miles (8 hours)

Total miles and hours driving: 2538 Miles (54 hours) – In a motor home trailing a car, it added about 17 hours according to Google maps.

Enjoy the adventure!