November 18th to November 21st

While we really enjoyed Charleston and marked it as one of those places we need to come back and spend a significant amount of time, it is time to move on to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Colleen was able to pack up everything during the day while I was working and I just packed up the hookups when I was done and we were able to leave by 5:30pm….It was still light out!

It was a beautiful drive down Route 17 down to Route 278 which brought us directly into Hilton Head.  It was a short jaunt, 99 miles which took about 2 hours.  Unfortunately, as we were pulling onto 278 it started to rain and when we got there at 7:30 pm the office was already closed and it was pitch black out.  However, the Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort is top notch, it is a gated community which happened to be a deeded campground resort.  For those who have never heard of this, the campground sells the deeds to owners for each site, just like buying property; this is a pretty common thing throughout the country especially in Florida and many other high traveled areas.  We were able to get a site pretty reasonable as owners will rent their site through the office to others for all sorts of time frames; we were only staying a couple of days though.  The sites at this facility were between $50K to $100k to buy; in my opinion, excellent location and if your looking to purchase, you may want to check it out.

This one just happened to be very lush, like I said, it was a gated community, so we could not get in until morning, so the facility had a temporary site across the street from the guard house with an electric and water hookups.  We pulled in and basically set up camp for the night very quickly because by this time it was pouring out.  On the up side, I was in a place where we could stay, get a good nights rest so I could start working in the morning; then mid-morning, we had to disconnect hookups and the car so we could drive in through the gate to our site.

Colleen apparently thought it would be good to snap one of me working with my guard dog.

COL-RV 339

When we were setting up, found this little guy in our storage hatch for our electric.

COL-RV 338

Our site was like a tropical jungle, very, very cool.

556538 (2)

Thought some of my friends at work would enjoy this pic of a statue on the site. (Rick, Pete, Robb, Brian)


Some other sites, dream building a bit along the way…


Anyway, the real reason we came to Hilton Head is to see Colleen’s friend from high school Diane and her husband Brian (who we met for the first time).

We had a blast hanging out with them and meeting their family; genuinely great down to earth fun folks.

COL-RV 341294

Brian introduced me to all his favorite hangouts in a little Pub Crawl he put together.

577 579 574 573 (2) 572 571 570 589   580


597 595 594



Let’s just say the pub crawl was a great time 🙂

COL-RV 347

Sleeping it off a bit…

COL-RV 350

We were also fortunate enough to be there as their twin girls celebrated their birthday and really enjoyed the steak dinner Diane and Brian prepared for us all; I wish I had a picture of that steak, it had to be 1.5 inches thick!

Well, I came to Hilton Head only meeting Diane once before and as I said never meeting Brian, but when we left I felt like Colleen and I have two more long term friends in our lives and a warm place to visit in South Carolina.

One little story that shows this is a small world we live in before I leave Hilton Head.  Brian and I found ourselves needing to use Uber to get home from a restaurant by the pier and the guy who picked us up, well,  it turns out he grew up less than a mile from my hometown of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ; he was from the next town over Wood Ridge.  We ended up talking for a good 20-30 minutes and knowing lots of common friends.  Like I said…It is a small world.