Continuing the carriage ride pictures:

DSCN4640DSCN4642 DSCN4651 DSCN4650 DSCN4649 DSCN4648 DSCN4647 DSCN4646 DSCN4645 DSCN4644 DSCN4643DSCN4646DSCN4648DSCN4649DSCN4652

The houses are actually built sideways due to the street room, if you look closely all the front doors and porches are built on the side of the house not facing the street; once you understand that, you look at the houses as you walk through the city completely different!  As the houses get newer, the more fancier the street side became.


DSCN4658 DSCN4660 DSCN4662 DSCN4663 DSCN4665 DSCN4666

DSCN4681 DSCN4680 DSCN4679 DSCN4678 DSCN4676 DSCN4672 DSCN4674

We went to lunch at a pizzeria, now I have seen my fair share of great pizza, but I have to tell you I have never seen pizza slices this large.  Notice how big these slices are next to my hand and that is the MEDIUM!!!, look at the boxes, imagine how large the large would be!  The small box would be compared to our large pizza boxes back in PA.



When we were done we decided to walk through the market downtown which was called the “Slave Market”, however not why you would think.  Slaves were not sold at this market back in slave times they would be the people who worked the market for their owners.  It was about 4 blocks long and had all sorts of items from food to art work to the Sweet Grass baskets, known for from this area (You can see them in the first picture below):  I might add though, be prepared to spend a small fortune.  The basket that Colleen picked up to admire was around $400.  Needless to say that basket was placed nicely back on the table.

DSCN4686DSCN4687COL-RV 302 COL-RV 301 COL-RV 300

Once we walked through the market it was time to go on a boat tour aboard the Carolina Belle in the bay area.  It was a really relaxing, enjoyable experience.  I would recommend this as well:

RV 295DSCN4708DSCN4709DSCN4718DSCN4717DSCN4716DSCN4715DSCN4713DSCN4712DSCN4711DSCN4710

DSCN4714 DSCN4717 DSCN4718 DSCN4719 DSCN4722 DSCN4727 DSCN4729 DSCN4732

Once we were done with the 90 minute tour we were ready to go back downtown and walk around a bit and catch a bite to eat.  While we were walking around, one of the coolest weddings I ever saw in person occurred.  The wedding party led by a Jazz band with the bride and groom following and then the entire wedding attendees danced from their church to their reception right down the middle of the street.  I followed them for about quarter mile snapping the best pics I could get as I had to catch up to them.  It was loud and exciting and just really fun to see how everyone stopped and watched these folks dance down the street! it is something you would expect to see in New Orleans at the Marti Gras 🙂

COL-RV 308 COL-RV 307 COL-RV 306

Then we went to dinner at Hanks Seafood House, which was a great way to end the day.  We were pretty tired after a bottle of wine, appetizer, dinner and dessert.  Would recommend this restaurant, it had an elegance about it, but it was also lowcountry type atmosphere and very casual at the same time.

COL-RV 309 COL-RV 311 COL-RV 310

On Sunday, we decided to visit Magnolia’s Plantation and Gardens, it was absolutely exquisite.  I never even heard of this place before. Come to find out that  70 acres of gardens grace the estate, but over 500 acres to explore and has been famous since the late 1800’s.  It is compared to the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls by many travel editors.  It is owned by the Drayton family for 11 generations, the only plantation owned by the same family.  Pictures say it all, but remember we were there in the winter basically, just imagine what this looks like every spring.  To just give one example of the magnificence of the estate, it is the home to over 1 million azaleas and so many different types of plants, flowers, and wildlife you have to experience it yourself to truly take it all in.

RV 137 RV 138

RV 139 RV 145 RV 144 RV 143 RV 142 RV 141 RV 140

RV 150 RV 158 RV 157 RV 156 RV 155 RV 154 RV 153 RV 152 RV 151

RV 161 RV 168 RV 167 RV 166 RV 165 RV 164 RV 162

A transport boat used during slave times:

RV 173 RV 178 RV 176

RV 175 RV 174

Slave houses, there was a separate tour for these but we ran out of time to do that…next time:

RV 208 RV 212 RV 211 RV 210 RV 209 RV 216 RV 215 RV 213

Some of the beauty and wildlife:

RV 192 RV 207 RV 205 RV 204 RV 203 RV 201 RV 199 RV 198 RV 197 RV 196 RV 195  RV 193

RV 226  RV 232 RV 231 RV 230 RV 229 RV 232RV 233RV 238RV 237RV 243

The Drayton estate, actually the summer home:

RV 244 RV 245 RV 247 RV 248 RV 249 RV 250 RV 251 RV 252

RV 262 RV 260

The swaps may look familiar to some of you horror movie folks out there, it was used to film “Swamp Thing”.

RV 283 RV 285 RV 282 RV 281 RV 275 RV 278 RV 277 RV 276 RV 273 RV 274

Well, this is the end of Charleston and we will be packing up and heading to visit a high school friend of Colleen’s in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

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